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Font swapping on website embed

Hello, we've noticed that the font rendering is blocking for website embed. Can you make it swapping instead?

Possibility to inject Zenloop survey url as iframe

Is there a way to inject the shareable survey url as an iframe to our website instead of using a Website Embed one? Reason for asking is that the Website Embeds modify the DOM and its problematic for single-page-applications.

Zenloop type annotation

Hello, where can I find the type annotations for Zenloop's Javascript object ?

channel_type of survey without external api

Hi, is there a way to get the channel_type of a survey from the regular api?

Server internal error

Hi, i want to read the Zenloop Answers via API. But everytime i want to read the data via Python. I get the "Server internal error" Message without any further informations. I don't think that there is a mistake in my Authorization because the Survey summary works without any problems. How can i solve this Problem?

DNS SPF record

Dear Sir/Madam, I was unable to find any information in your documentation concerning DNS SPF records. As I understood, Zenloop is sending out e-mails on the behalf of caseable.com, therefore, we need to update our SPF TXT record to increase the chances of delivery for such e-mails. Looking forward to receiving your reply.


Hi, do you have an Sandbox API Login for my developers? I could not find any in our account or documentation. Thanks, Florian

Questions regarding zenloop

Good day Sir/Madam, We've found zenloop very useful and we want to use it for our shop. Could we ask you to change email design? We don't like bar on top of the letter and we've set the color of it to white. Now we have a lot of free space before logo & after, as an example: https://imgur.com/uul7bZS Could we change this somehow? Thanks, for your product, it's really cool :-)