This endpoint is used for getting basic data for all surveys from user organization.

  "page": 1

Response attributes

survey_groupsarraySurvey group information data.
survey_groups.surveysarraySurvey information data.
survey_groups.surveys.titlestringSurvey title.
survey_groups.surveys.statusstringSurvey status. One of: draft, active.
survey_groups.surveys.public_hash_idstringSurvey public hash id used to identify survey.
survey_groups.surveys.inserted_atdateSurvey creation date.
survey_groups.namestringSurvey group name.
survey_groups.public_hash_idstringSurvey group public hash id used to identify survey group.
survey_groups.inserted_atdateSurvey group creation date.
metaobjectResult metadata.
meta.totalnumberNumber of answers.
meta.per_pagenumberNumber of answers per page.
meta.pagenumberCurrent results page.
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