The zenloop API is organized around REST

You can currently use our API to perform two main sets of tasks (other than authentication):

  1. Sending out a survey using "our email" channel (including adding recipients, properties and metatags)
  2. Getting data about a survey or surveys (including getting answers and scores)

Our API can be found at

Getting started

A quick guide to getting your API setup, and testing to make sure recipients are being successfully added:

  1. Authenticate your account
  2. Pick the survey you want to use the API for, or create a new survey to test. Don’t launch the survey (or pause it so that the status is draft or off). This will prevent the survey sending out emails (it will stockpile them)
  3. Add recipients using API or use our Bulk API upload
    Optional: use these endpoint to add properties or metatags
  4. You can check if the recipients were successfully added in the web interface, under the recipients step for that survey