Adding recipients to survey

Survey status

Email survey can be in 2 states.

  • draft - in this state you can add as many recipients as you want without sending email survey.
  • active - after you launch your survey we will send the survey to all recipients that you added. If you add any new recipients, we will send the survey to them immediately unless you specify when to send it.

Specify when to send the ​survey

Using our API, you can specify when you want to send an email survey to given recipient(s).
You need to add send_at parameter together with recipient(s) data. That parameter needs to be in ISO 8601 format. It has​ to include date and time in UTC, so make sure to adjust send_at accordingly.
Example: 2018-12-31T09:00:00


Draft email survey and delay email

​Be aware that even if you specify when to send a survey, it will not be sent until you launch your survey.

What’s Next

Check our API on how to add recipient(s) to the survey