Validation for metatags

General validation rules

  • Any metatags that are passed through overwrite what has been added in the survey on our web application
  • You do not need to provide all possible metatags - if a metatag isn't added, we apply what is saved in the web application
  • For survey question: this has to include a placeholder for the question subject
  • We enforce a character count of 100 for survey question and question subject metatags

Request for comment, thank you note, link text and URL

  • If you use all element (all scores), you can't also customize by score for that recipient
  • For request_for_comment and thank_you_note if you use "customize by score" you must provide it for all three options (promoter, passive, detractor) and the value cannot be null
  • For thank_you_link_text and thank_you_link_url you don't have to use all the "customize by score" options. I.e., you can have just promoter, or have detractor and passive (or you can have all three). Any fields not provided will be presumed to be empty
  • It is recommended, but not required (i.e. don't validate) for the request_for_comment to include a placeholder for %[score]
  • However, in every scenario, you have to have both the thank you link text and URL filled (or neither). You can't have text for passive and URL for detractor
  • URL has to be correctly formatted