Adding recipients (incl. properties)

As a default, our link anonymises in-coming comments, but it is still possible to add an identity to the link if you want to track, respond to or segment responses.

zenloop lets you add an identity and properties to identify and track each answer. We refer to this data as a recipient.

identity_type is a field that specifies the type of recipient identity, it can be either email or custom.

The recipient should take the following format and be added after each scoring link in the custom snippet:<survey_hash_id>[email protected]&identity_type=email
&first_name=john&last_name=brown&properties[color]=red&properties[country]=DE<survey_hash_id>: You can ignore this when adding recipients - this is the core of the URL for the scoring link
[email protected]&identity_type=email: Add this to each scoring link to track each response based on the recipient's email. The email is a required field to de-anonymise the link


Adding identity or any other variable to the link

[email protected] is an example of a variable that you should be adding dynamically. The process of doing this will depend on how you are sending out your survey. For instance Mailchimp expects variables to be wrapped in the following way *| EMAIL |*, while Sendgrid expects -Email-

&first_name=john&last_name=brown : Optionally, you can also add a first name and last name to further identify the recipient
&properties[color]=red : Finally you can add one or more properties. The key for the property (think the column header in a table) should be enclosed in square brackets, while the value comes after the equals sign


See here for more details on properties best practices.