Getting started

Create, customize and integrate our Email Embed surveys within your emails.

Our Email Embed channel empowers you to seamlessly send out NPS surveys through your own email system or service provider. We provide you with basic HTML for scoring links, allowing complete customization of your email's content and design. By default, the survey remains anonymous, unless you choose to add recipients.

Quick 5-Step Setup:

  1. Survey customization:
    Create and personalize the comment and thank-you pages for your survey effortlessly via our web interface.
  2. HTML generation:
    On the implementation step, we generate a custom HTML snippet for you. This snippet includes links for each score (ranging from 0 to 10).
  3. Embedding HTML:
    Integrate the generated HTML into your email or email service provider and tailor it to suit your specific requirements.
  4. Add a question on your survey:
    Add survey's NPS question, such as "How likely are you to recommend X to a friend or a colleague?". Provide a guide indicating which ends of the scoring links represent promoters and detractors ( we recommend using labels like "very likely" for 10 and "very unlikely" for 0). Optionally, add recipients to further customize and personalize your survey experience.
  5. Send out your survey.
    Send out your survey and gather valuable insights effortlessly.