Getting started

Our email embedded channel allows you to send out an NPS survey using your own email. We provide you with some basic html for each scoring link and then you can completely customize the content and design of the email. As a default, this survey is anonymous unless you add recipients.

Setting up an embedded email is a quick 5 step process:

  1. Create and customize the comment and thank you pages of your survey through our web interface
  2. On the implement step, we will generate a custom html snippet for you to use that contains links for each score (from 0 to 10)
  3. Embed the HTML into your email and customize it according to your needs
  4. Add the survey question ("How likely are you to recommend X to a friend or colleague") and provide a guide to which ends of the scoring links represents promoters and detractors (we recommend the labels "very likely" for 10 and "very unlikely" for 0)
    (Optional): You can also Adding recipients
  5. Send out the survey!