This integration allows you to forward data to your Salesforce account


API Access

Make sure that your organization has API access.
Editions with API Access


Make sure that the account that you connect with our app has permissions to create/update/delete Salesforce Object that will store the answer data.

Data exposed

Answer: comment, score, score_type, labels
Recipient: identity, first_name, last_name
Survey: title, url

How to prepare Salesforce account

  1. Go to and login to your account

  2. Open Setup page

Alt textAlt text

  1. In Quick Find search for "Object Manager" and select it from the list below:

Alt textAlt text

  1. Choose an object from the list that will be used to store answer data.

Alt textAlt text

  1. Go to Fields & Relationships

Alt textAlt text

  1. Click on New

Alt textAlt text

  1. Choose Text or Number from the list and hit Next

Alt textAlt text

  1. Enter the field name and select External ID

Alt textAlt text

  1. Hit Next and Save

  2. You are now ready to connect Salesforce integration in settings