Getting started

Create, customize and integrate our Website Overlay surveys within your website.

Welcome to our Website Overlay channel, designed to help you create and integrate our Website Overlay NPS survey on your website. Engage with your visitors, gather valuable feedback, and enhance the user experience. Follow these simple steps to set up your website overlay survey.

Step 1: Create and Customize Your Survey

Start by logging into your zenloop account and creating a survey that aligns with your goals and brand. Customize the questions, design, and overall look to make it uniquely yours.

Step 2: Generate Custom Snippet

After creating your survey, proceed to the implementation step. Here, we'll generate a custom snippet with a unique ID, tailored & corresponding to your survey.

Step 3: (Optional) Adding Recipients

Want to personalize your survey further? Add recipients to gather targeted feedback. This step is optional but can enhance the relevance of your survey responses. Learn how to easily add recipients during the setup process following our guide: Add Recipients to Your Survey

Step 4: Implement the Snippet

The final step is to copy the custom snippet generated in the implementation and paste it onto your website. This ensures a smooth integration of our website overlay NPS survey. Follow our simple guide to seamlessly implement the snippet and start collecting valuable feedback.