Editing and deleting active surveys

You can make changes to existing active surveys


Please remember

Please keep in mind that the changes you make don't automatically propagate. Please follow the following steps to edit an active survey. You need to add the changes to the mobile codebase to activate the changes.

Step 1:

Click on the survey you would like to edit from the dashboard and click on Edit Survey on the top right:


Step 2:

Make the changes required on the survey. For instance, in this example we edited the color of the button. You can make whatever changes you would like on this step.


Click on Implement if you have finished making changes to the survey.

Step 3:

The new snippet reflects the changes you've made to the survey. Either copy and paste or email this snippet to your developer. Click Save.

The changes you have made to the survey will not be automatically propagated unless the mobile codebase reflects it. So while the survey in your zenloop account may show the edited survey, your mobile app may show the old survey if you have not updated it.


Deleting Surveys

Deleting surveys works in the same way as editing surveys. After deleting the survey on the zenloop application, you will have to ensure that you have also deleted the code from your mobile codebase.